• Purpose of Literacy Support

    The purpose of this program is to give your child additional time and support reading in order to enhance his/her literacy skills to become a successful life-long reader. 

    Our goal is to teach your child strategies he/she can use independently to decode words and comprehend texts of all genres.    


    Some features of this program include:

    -Reading Volume: To work with your child in addition to their language arts block in their classroom. The more you read, the better reader you will become!            
    small group
    -Small Groups: Each session lasts about half-an-hour; we meet four times a week. 
    Groups are flexible based on needs and growth.


    -Qualified Reading Specialists: Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist.


     -Communication and Collaboration With Your Child’s Teacher:
    We view ourselves as a team working together to provide the best educational opportunities possible.