• Purpose of Reading Intervention

    The purpose of this program is to give your child additional time and support reading in order to enhance his/her literacy skills to become a successful life-long reader. 

    Our goal is to teach your child strategies he/she can use independently to decode words and comprehend texts of all genres.    


    Some features of this program include:

    -Reading Volume: To work with your child in addition to their language arts block in their classroom. The more you read, the better reader you will become!            
    small group
    -Small Groups: To work with 1-5 students at a time; each session lasts about half-an-hour; we meet one to five times a week depending on the group.


    -Leveled Texts: Students are grouped according to their instructional reading level. This allows us to focus on specific skills while students read books that are appropriate for their
    reading level.  Students will read leveled texts from Scholastic or Flying Start to Literacy/Okapi Guided Reading Program.  
    -Qualified Reading Specialists: Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist.


     -Communication and Collaboration With Your Child’s Teacher:
    We view ourselves as a team working together to provide the best educational opportunities possible.