• Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics Activities

    Activities You Can Do To Help Your Child Develop/Strengthen
    Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Skills:

    Ø Beginning Sounds – Play “I’m going on a camping trip” or “I’m
          going to grandma’s” and I’m going to bring things starting
          with (choose a letter sound). Take turns naming things that
          begin with that letter sound. 

    Ø Rhyming – Have your child give you a thumbs up if the two
          words you say rhyme and a thumbs down if they don’t rhyme.


    Ø Segmenting/Blending – Choose a word with three sounds (fan).
          Say each sound separately. Have your child touch his/her 
          head when saying the first sound (fff), touch his/her
          waist when saying the middle sound (aaa), and his/her toes 
          when saying the last sound (nnn). When your child can do this
          activity easily, say one of the sounds separately and have  
          him/her place his/her hands on their head, waist, or toes to  
          show if the sound comes at the beginning, middle, or end of
          the word.


    Ø Building Words – Using magnetic letters, make a three letter
          word on the refrigerator (pat). Have your child read the word
          and use it in a sentence. Change one letter to make a new
          word. Start by changing only the beginning letter (pat, bat,
          hat, rat, sat, mat, fat, cat). Then change the ending letter
          (pat, pan, pal, pad, pam, pap). Finally, change the middle letter
          (pat, pet, pit, put).


    Ø Making Words – You will need magnetic letters and three
          bags. Put all the vowel magnets in the middle bag. Divide the
          consonants in half; put half in the first bag and half in the
          last bag.  Have your child pick a magnetic letter from the
          first bag, the middle bag, and the last bag to make a word. 
          Have your child read the word and tell you if it is a real word
          or a nonsense word (made-up word).