Sight Word Activities

    §  Flash Cards – Write the sight words on index cards and use them as flash cards.


    §  Sight Word of the Day - Pick a different sight word each day to read, write, make with magnetic letters, and find in texts you read that day.

    §  Play Bang– Using index cards, write one sight word on each card and write Bang on a couple of cards.  Put the cards in a bag.  Players take turns pulling out a card from the bag.  If the player can read the card, he/she gets to keep it. If not, the card goes back into the bag. If a player pulls out the Bang card, he/she has to put all their cards back into the bag. 

    §  Play Concentration – Make two sets of sight word cards.  Mix them up and put them face down on the table.  Players take turns turning over two cards to try to make a match.  A player can only keep the match if he/she can read the words. 


    §  Play Go Fish – Make two sets of sight word cards. Shuffle them and deal five cards to each player.  Place the rest of the cards face down on the table.  Players must read the word when asking for a match.  If no one else has the match, the player picks a card from the pile.  Players keep the matches and the player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.


    §  Visit this website to play Sight Word Bingo or a Sight Word Recognition game:


    §  Visit this website to print sight word worksheets: