• Fluency



    Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, at a reasonable rate, and with appropriate expression. Fluent readers spend less time on decoding allowing them more time to focus on comprehending what they read.

    Fluent Readers are able to:

    ü Recognize words automatically

    ü Group individual words into meaningful phrases

    ü Apply quick strategies to read unknown words



    What can you do at home to help your child become a more fluent reader?

    Ø Model reading fluently when you read a story to your child.

    Ø Have your child read and reread the same text several times.

    Ø Have your child use different voices when reading a familiar text. Read the story
         like a mouse, cowboy, or princess. This is another way to do a repeated reading to
         make it more enjoyable.

    Ø Have your child read texts that are easy for them in order to practice reading
         with accuracy and expression.

    Ø Echo read with your child (you read a sentence and then they read the same

    Ø Choral read with your child (read the same text together out loud).

    Ø Record your child reading so he/she can listen to how they sound.