• Writing



    Types of Writing:

    1.  Narrative - tells a story. It can be non-fiction (auto-biographies, biographies, etc.)
         or fiction (fairy tales, fictitious novels or
    short-stories.) This form of writing has
         a beginning (character development and
    introduction to the plot line), middle
         (additional plot, climax of the story)
    and end (conclusion or resolution of the

    2. Informative/Explanatory - gives facts. It does not require the plot line of 
        narrative writing, nor the
    character development. You will find this form of writing
        most frequently in
    news stories, articles, and reports. The information in
        expository writing
    develops the main idea and provides additional details to support
    evidence, including facts or quotations.

    3. Opinion/Persuasive - the author is trying to get the reader to believe in what he or
        she is writing. Political
    speeches and speeches given by lawyers in the courtroom
        are persuasive writing,
    as are reviews of movies or books and opinion articles in the
        newspaper. Persuasive writing includes a main idea,
    introduction, body and
        conclusion. The main idea encompasses what the author
    wants the reader to
        believe, and the remaining information supports that
    central idea.

    Writing Conventions:

     § Begins sentence with capital letter

     § Stays on topic

     § Use correct punctuation marks (period, exclamation mark, question mark)

     § Puts spaces between words

     § Writes a complete sentence

     § Uses “brave” or “inventive” spelling



    Author’s Purpose: Why did the author write this text?
                                 Was it to… and how do you know?

    -     Persuade: The author tries to get you to do something or believe what he/she is

    -     Inform: The author gives you information about a topic.

    -     Entertain: The author tells us a story that we will enjoy.


    Common Core State Standards for Writing:

    Click on the following link for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Writing Standards:

    Standards for Writing