• Writing Activities at Home

     Ø Diary/Journal - Have your child keep a diary or journal they write in every night
          about what they did that day, what they learned, what they’re thinking about, etc.

    Ø Make Books – Staple papers together and have your child practice narrative
          writing, informational writing and opinion writing.
               - Narrative – help your child think of characters, a setting, and a beginning,
                                    middle, and end for their story.

               - Informational – choose a topic such as bears or baseball and read nonfiction
                                          books about this topic to your child. Once your child is an
                                          “expert” on this topic, have him/her write their own book
                                          about this topic being sure to include facts about it.
               - Opinion – next time your child wants something (stay up later, a new toy, cake
                                for a snack), have him/her write why they should get it. You can help 
                                your child by writing this sentence on the first page: I think I should
                                get/have ________. Here are three reasons why.
    Then on the next
                                page write:First, (your child finishes the sentence with their first
                                reason). The next page write: Second, (your child writes his/her
                                second reason). The next page write:Last, (your child writes his/her
                                last reason). On the last page of the book help your child provide a 
                                sense of closure (These are the reasons I should be able to/get…) 


    Ø Have your child write for different purposes: make a grocery list, write a letter to
          a relative, write directions on how to do something (maybe a game they made


     Ø Show your child a painting and have him/her write about what they think is going