Please return any library books to Conrady's main entrance either Wednesday or Friday morning between 10 a.m. and Noon.



    Mrs. Halley cannot wait to see you and hear all about the books you have been reading!


    I am reading 'Rachel Spinelli Punched Me In The Face' by Paul Acampora.

    It's about a boy and his father relocating to a different town and the challenges that brings.


    I am reading 'I Kill the Mockingbird' by Paul Acampora

    It's about a group of kids that try to get more interest in the reading

    of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by making the books disappear and turning it into a mystery!



    'Dear Martin' by Nic Stone.

    The boy in the book starts writing letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

    Who would you pick to send letters?

    What would you tell them about how you're spending your days?

    Stay safe and see you soon!

    Mrs. Halley




    Danette Halley
    Position: Media Center Clerk
    Phone: 708-233-4509
    Email: [email protected]