• Classroom Rules and Procedures



    1.                Complete work on time.

    2.                Follow directions the first time given.

    3.                Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

    4.                Always use kind words.

    5.                Always do your best!



    1.                Verbal praise

    2.                Class compliments

    3.                Panther Paw tickets

    4.                Christopher Cash




    Each week, the children will receive a new punch card.  Students will receive a hole punch for missing assignments and misbehavior. At the end of each week, I will collect the punch cards.  If there are no holes, the student will receive $10 in “Christopher Cash.”  I will deduct $1 from that amount for every hole they have punched.  For example, if a student has one punch, they would receive $9.  If they have two punches,they would receive $8 and so on.


    Christopher Cash

    Throughout the year, students will be able to earn“Christopher Cash”.  At the end of each quarter, we will be having a special party. The children will be able to use their “Christopher Cash” to purchase things such as a ticket into the party, food, drinks, games, etc.



    Compliment rewards are given when the students as aclass receive 100 compliments.  These cancome from me, other teachers and staff members, or parents and communitymembers.  For each compliment given toour class, I will drop a marble in our jar. When the jar is filled with 100 marbles, our class will be given aspecial reward. 



    Your child is responsible for keeping track ofhis/her homework in an assignment notebook. Homework will be collected each morning. If it is not completed by the due date, a late homework note will besent home requiring your signature acknowledging the late assignment.  That note and the homework assignment are due the morning immediately following.  I do understand that circumstances come up that prevent your child from completing his/her homework.  If this is the case,please just send a note to school, and I will be more than happy to extend an assignment's due date.  This policy was created with your child's best interest in mind.  I am instituting this policy to not only allow your child the choice for a successful year, but to also teach them responsibility. 


    School Schedule

    Students will be spending the whole morning with me.  During this time, I will be teaching social studies, science, and math.  After lunch, the whole class will be going to Mrs. Hammad classroom and she will end their day with reading, writing, and language arts.


    Assignment Notebooks

    I will be selling assignment notebooks beginning Monday.  They will cost $4.00.  This is a wonderful way for students to keep track of their homework. 





    Due to the fact that we have a late lunch this year, the students will have the opportunity every day to bring a healthy snack from home.  We will take a five minute break in the morning for our “snack time,” and I hope that this will help to give them a little energy boost.  Please only send healthy snacks and no drinks.