• Classroom Expectations

    Oak Ridge School has a set of school wide expectations. The children are expected to follow these expectations inside and outside of the classroom. The expectations are to be safe, be respectful and be here and ready. Mrs. Rhodes and I use ClassDojo to keep you updated on your child's daily progress.  This is an online program that sends you messages letting you know how the day is going.   


    When individual students are setting wonderful examples inside and outside of the classroom, they will receive ClassDojo points and mustang money tickets. After accumulating several tickets, the children can cash them in for classroom rewards.  The PBIS Committee also plans monthly school wide events to promote positive behavior at school.  We will also have weekly classroom rewards for postive behavior. This will take place on Friday.    


    In the event that your child is struggling to follow the school expectations, they will lose points on ClassDojo.  They may also lose time from our Friday reward to reflect on their behavior for the week.  I usually meet with the kids and go over how the week went.  We come up with a plan to make the next week a better week.