• Sorrick School has 3 rules that we follow.  Those rules are:


    1. Be Safe

    2. Be Respectful

    3. Be Ready to Learn


    If students are found following these rules they are rewarded with a Cougar Ticket.  If an entire classroom of students is seen following these rules they are rewarded with a Cougar Team Ticket.  Students put their individual Cougar Tickets into a raffle to earn prizes.  Classes who earn Team Tickets have the opportunity to hit monthly goals are earn rewards as a whole class.


    Our classroom expectations are: 
    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
                    2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
                    3. Be on time and ready to learn
                    4. Use kind words
                    5. Raise your hand to be recognized


    Our Classroom Consequences are:

      1. Verbal warning reminder

    2. Last one out for recess or special
    3. Student calls home or stuck to the teacher for recess for five minutes 
    4. Parent contact (conference or phone call) and reflection report
    5. Referral to the office
    *Immediate referral will be given in the case of a severe misbehavior 
    The students will of course have the opportunity throughout the day to be recognized for positive behaviors. This will include verbal praise, stickers, stamps, cougar coupons,
    prizes from the treasure chest, call or note home, and class parties.  


    Students who exemplify great behavior during the day qualify for a chance to pick from our "Happy Jar!"