• Classroom Rules and Behavior

                  Each day when your child comes to school he or she will have a green card by their name on our class behavior chart.  The green signifies good behavior!  Your child will stay on green as long as they follow the rules.  Our class rules are more specific versions of our school rules.  Our school rules are to BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, and BE READY TO LEARN.  In our class our rules are:


             Follow directions quickly.
             Raise your hand for permission to speak.
             Raise your hand for permission to leave the room.
             Make smart choices.
             Make your dear teacher happy! 

                 I use a clip chart in class.  The children will be able to move up or down the chart as they show positive or negative behavior.  

      ·                  To communicate with home your child is responsible for keeping track of their behavior.  Each day they will color in the calendar to show how they did.  This will stay in their take home folder and should not take it out.  PLEASE LOOK AT IT EACH NIGHT AND TALK TO YOUR CHILD ABOUT IT.

    ·        As an added bonus the kids will earn class dojo points that they can cash in for prizes at the end of each month.