•        Word Wall Words                                                                                  Spelling Patterns

    Week 1- am, I, can, had, and                                              ast, ack, ab, ad, ag, am, amp, an, and, ash, at, ax                                    

    Week 2- went, best, get, the, tell                                     ent, end, eck, ed, eg, ell, est, en, ess, et                                 

    Week 3- big, will, thing, kick, in                                         ick, ink, ing, ib, id, ig, ill, im, in, ip, it

    Week 4- not, on, at, is, him                                               ock, op, ot, ob,og, od, omp  

    Week 5- jump, did, a, up, fun                                             ump, ung, unt, ub, uck, ug, um, un, unk, up ,ut, ust

    Week 6- us, has, it, of, but                                               Review

    Week 7- was, give, go, are, to                                           bl, fl, cl, sl, gl, pl

    Week 8-Review- went, give, the, was, are             Review

    Week 9- all, with, be, off, come                                       sk, sn, st, sp, sw, sm, str, spr

    Week 10- friend, do, for, them, she                                 dr, gr, fr, pr, tr, cr, br

    Week 11- make, made, you, me, this                                 ake, ade, ate, ale, ame, ape,ave, ane, aze

    Week 12- day, rain, play, from, his                                   ay, ain, aim, ail, aid       

    Week 13- he, we, when, have, pretty                                Long e and y endings

    Week 14- see, eat, that, here, said                                  ee, ea, east, ead, eak, eal, ean, eap, eet, eep, eel, eed, eek, een

    Week 15- ride, like, nice, people, who                              ide, ice, ike, ite, ile

    Week 16- my, why, night, talk, can’t                                 igh, ight, y as i

    Week 17-Review- friend, who, said, have, come      review

    Week 18- old, little, want, some, saw                               old, one, ode, ole, ote, obe

    Week 19- quit, they, over, know, animal                           ow, oa, and long o

    Week 20- won’t, your, what, sister                                  une, ube, ule, ute, ude, uge, ure, use, uit

    Week 21-Review- want, they, saw, what, your       Review

    Week 22- where, there, children                                     ch, sh, th, wh

    Week 23- car, because, new, boy                                     ar r-controlled

    Week 24- her, very, favorite                                           or r-controlled

    Week 25- brother, teacher, girl, after                           ir, er, ur

    Week 26- down, out, house, how                                      ow and ou

    Week 27-Review- where, because, how, after, very  Review

    Week 28- look, school, good, zoo                                       oo

    Week 29- Review-talk, nice, here, animal, rain        aw and au

    Week 30-Review- school, made, boy, why, can’t       oy and oi

    Week 31-Review- brother, new, eat, down, little      ew and ue

    Week 32-Review- pretty, girl, like, car, sister        thr, shr, squ

    Week 33-Review- people, off, children, them, night  Review

    Week 34-Review- teacher, favorite, over, there, house  Review