•  Expectations:

     All students entering my room will have......

    • all supplies needed for class (pencils, red pens, notebooks, folders, assignment notebooks, etc.)
    • completed assignments that are due

     Discipline Consequences:

    1.  Verbal Warning
    2.  Dojo point lost
    3.  Incident Report (write up)--Note sent home in assignment notebook--to be signed by parent / email to parent
    4.  Phone call home
    5.  Sent to principal
    **After 4 incidences, a walking ticket will be issued.  The student will have to walk during recess, instead of playing. Walking tickets are to be signed by the parent, and returned to school the next day. If the walking ticket is not returned, a second walking ticket will be issued.  After receiving 4 walking tickets in a quarter, students will serve an after school detention.