• Mrs. Ellen Zydek


    Education:  AAS Exceptional Education

                         BS Education

                         MS General Education/Learning Disabilities


    Certification:  Type 03  K-9 Elementary Education

                             Type 09   Secondary High School Education

                             Type 10  Special Education

                             Learning Behavior Specialist Endorsement, LBS unlimited

                             Language Arts Endorsement


    Absence from school: Children receive an extra day for each day’s absence to hand in their work. If you anticipate that the absence will be lengthy, I suggest we make arrangements to have work sent home. Homework requests should be made when you call in the absence to allow time to get the materials/books together. It may be picked up in the office. *When you do call in for your child, please inform the office if he or she has a communicable illness so that we can notify other parents to be alert for similar symptoms. 


    Extra Credit: Extra credit is offered on a very limited basis. Your child may not fail to study or repeatedly neglect assignments and then expect to “make up” their low grade with extra credit. Extra credit will not be an option for anyone with missing assignments, but rather, those students who have tried hard but remain unsatisfied with their grade.


    Questions? Concerns?  Call me at 598-5743EXT. 8733or send a note via your child.  Please be advised that the phones in the classroom do not ring while classes are in session and your call will be directed to my voice mail. You may also leave an e-mail at [email protected]. Please leave a number and a time you can be reached as well as the nature of your concern and I will contact you within 24 hours.



    We are bound together

     In our desire to see the world become

    A place in which our children

    Can grow free and strong

                                                               (James Taylor)



    I look forward to working with you throughout the school year to ensure the success of your child.