• Classroom Rules:
    1. Keep hands feet and objects to yourself.
    2. Follow the teacher’s directions the first
      time they are given.
    3. Give 100% effort at all times.
    4. Raise your hand for permission to speak
      or leave your seat.
    5. Keep voices quiet.
    Rewards for Appropriate Behavior:                             
    1.           Stars
    2. Panther Paw tickets
    3. Prize Drawer
    4. Pride in a job well done!

    If a student chooses to act inappropriately the following will occur:

    Their clip will be moved down. This is their one and only warning. If the behavior escalates, or the behavior is severely inappropriate, their clip moves down to "parent contact". Parents will be notified by telephone. Student may be given a “major” or “minor” referral.