• Listen to others

    • Be Respectful, kind, and honest

    • Always try your best

    • Take responsibility for your actions
    • Respect our classmates, teachers, school, and ourselves





      Behavior Tracking

      Class Dojo will be used to help track student behavior.Please make sure to connect with us so you can monitor your child's daily behavior


    **Severe Case: Child will be sent to the principal, and a possible parent/teacher conference will be scheduled.



    • Dojo Star of the week
    • 15 Point Club
    • Students will earn Dojo points for positive behavior. These points can be used towards coupons in 25 point incriminates.


    • 1st Time - Verbal Warning
    • 2nd Tme - Loss of Dojo Point
    • 3rd Time - Note Home
    • 4th Time - Phone Call Home
    • 5th Time - Referral / Detention / Loss of Recess


    **Students will use the bathroom with the class in the morning and afternoon. In order discourage work avoidance students will not be allowed to use the bathroom outside of those breaks without losing a Dojo point. If your child seems to regularly need additional bathroom breaks I will touch base with you so we can determine if there is a classroom problem or health concern that needs to be addressed.