• Every week students will be required to..

    • Daily Homework: Read 20 minutes 
    • Weekly Homework:  (see below)
    The Week of:  October 25th        Q
                     Tuesday's homework:  F.A.S.T. practice ws
                                                                                                (Skills: RL4.3)
                        Thursday's homework: No homework - Halloween
                                                                                                 (Skills:   RI4.6 and R.A.C.E.)
                             Spelling/Vocab  - No vocabulary test this week.
                 Social Studies (4C) -None
    All other homework is assigned on a "as needed" basis. (Mostly it consists of any work not finished in class). 
    Absent students will need to make up what they missed. If you can, please pick up their homework so they can be ready to participate the next day.
     This week in Class...
    4c Social Studies  - We are finishing our research and letters to NASA
    ELA - Heroes 
    Writing - Narrative