• To Be Safe                                                                           To Be Caring


       1. Stay in your seat                                                                 1. Say kind words

       2. Always walk                                                                        2. Be polite and helpful

       3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


    To Be Respectful                                                               To Be Here and Ready

       1. Work Silently                                                                          1. Arrive to school on time

       2. Raise your hand to speak                                                    2. Have your homework

       3. Wait to be called on                                                            3. Do your best

       4. Follow all directions


    Discipline Procedures (Minor)

    1. Warning
    2. Student-Teacher Conference/Reflection
    3. Incident Report(s)
    4. Walking Ticket
    5. Office Referral


    *Please note: Major offenses will result in an immediate office referral.