Ideally I would like to make a list of classroom rules with my class as a collective effort. I want my students to be as much a part of their discipline as they are for their success. There are rules and procedures that we have to make to keep everyone on target and doing their best, and if things get out of hand I truly believe that they are choosing to not do their best and I want to make that clear to them. These are “our” classroom rules that we all came up with together, myself as the teacher and “you all” the students. We all agree that we need these rules so that we can maintain a positive community of learning in the classroom. Rules are really just ways to keep a class in order; they aren’t set out as way to punish students for not doing what they’re told. I believe that rules are there to guide students. Students are ultimately responsible for their actions in learning. We have 5  rules in my classroom.

    1)    Respect Yourself and Others at all times

    2)  Raise your hand if you want to talk

    3)  Listen while others are speaking

    4)  Follow Directions

    5)  Always Smile and be Kind to others

    Levels  of   Consequences

    Consequences are the  results from the choices that students make during the day. If they choose not  to follow one or more of the classroom rules that they helped create they are  choosing to take another route and that route has a consequence or a less desirable outcome. I  would use a stop light in my classroom to develop my management plan and it  would have the basic Green light, Yellow light and Orange light but it would  also have a Red light that would come after the Orangwe  light as an extreme and  this would be the most severe consequence.

    o   Green Light

    o   Yellow Light

    o   Orange Light

    o   Red Light

    Everyone starts on Green each day and is moved according to  their behavior choices. After they have been moved to a different light they  cannot go back. I want them to be sure to know that they made this decision and  will have to stay with that for the whole day and start new tomorrow. A Green Light signifies that you had agreat day and did what was expected of you. Most desirable outcome. A Yellow Light indicates that

    you  have been warned once and still not listened so you are now in a time-out or  pulled aside and out of an activity. Ok outcome. Not the best. A Orange Light indicates  that it is the second warning. This is not a good day. Definitely not a  desirable outcome. Finally a RedLight indicates that you’ve used up all your chances and that your  lights are all out. This would result in a phone call to a parent or sending a  note home. This is the worst possible outcome and a conference may need to take  place to improve this child’s behavior.