• Classroom/School Rules/Procedures

          In class we are going to focus on respect. Respect for ourselves, respect for others, and respect for property. To help the students make these good choices we will use the Oak Ridge Mustangs school rules, which are Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Respectful, Be Here and Ready. To encourage the students to make good choices, I will use a lot of positive reinforcement. I will praise students who are demonstrating appropriate behavior. Please encourage your child to do well at home too. Together we can help your child succeed!         
          I will also track 2nd grade students’ daily behavior with www.classdojo.com. ClassDojo is a great way to check how your child is doing in live time. Students will receive dojo points when positive behavior is being displayed. Students will have dojo points taken away when rules are broken. Points are rewarded at the end of each week through either Fun Friday and/or classroom rewards. 
          Students can also receive Mustang Money and/or Respect Tickets for displaying good behavior. Each classroom can receive stickers based on behavior and participation of a class a whole. Once 25 stickers have been achieved, the classroom can earn a pizza party.
    Classroom Procedures
    1. Enter the classroom quietly and prepared!
    2. Raise your hand and WAIT to be called on. 
    3. Listen for instructions from the teacher.
    4. Listen to the speaker. 
    5. Be respectful to your teachers, classmates and chromebooks at all times.
    6. Follow classroom directions at all times.