• Here you will find some of my favorite novels for junior high students. If you read something that you think your classmates would enjoy, please let me know and we can add it to this page.

  • Absolutely Normal Chaos

    by Sharon Creech Year Published: 1990 Realistic Fiction
    In this novel, written as journal entries, Mary Lou Finney confides in her journal about the chaos of her everyday life. Mary Lou's journal tells about her hectic life with her three brothers, one sister, entertaining parents, and country cousin. Mary Lou writes about conflict, fun, mystery, and her first love.
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  • Among the Hidden

    by Margaret Peterson Haddix Year Published: 1998 Science Fiction
    Luke is the third child in his family in a time and place when families are not allowed to have more than two children. For his own safety, Luke has to stay hidden. Breaking the rules and being seen would mean death for Luke. One day Luke begins to notice signs that there may be another third child living in a neighboring home. Desperate to know the truth, Luke begins to hatch a plan to find out...
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  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    by Aron Ralston Year Published: 2004 Autobiography
    From a Saturday to a Thursday in 2003, Aron Ralston remained trapped between a rock and a canyon wall while hiking in Utah. Not only was he certain that no one would realize he was missing until at least partway through the week, but he also had very little food and water. After countless attempts at freeing his arm, Ralston goes to extreme measures to free himself. In this nonfiction novel, Ralston recalls the fear, pain, frustration, and determination that led to his freedom.
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  • Divergent

    by Veronica Roth Year Published: 2011 Science Fiction
    Beatrice Prior is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in Chicago in the future. Her society is broken into five groups; each teen has the choice of staying with the group they were born into or leaving to join a different group. When Beatrice is faced with the choice, she struggles with what to do. In addition to her personal problems, Beatrice's world begins to fall apart as a war between the groups begins to seem unavoidable.   
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  • Into the Wild

    by Erin Hunter Year Published: 2003 Fantasy
    Rusty enjoys his life as a lazy house cat. He sunbathes, eats, and sleeps his days away. One day, Rusty decides he'd like to taste a real mouse. Chasing a mouse into the forest, he stumbles upon two wild cats. After talking with them, Rusty realize there may be more to life than sunbathing, eating, and sleeping. Trying to learn more about the clan life these cats speak of, Rusty ventures into the wild.
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  • The Book Thief

    by Marcus Zusak Year Published: 2006 Historical Fiction
    Liesel Meminger is a girl who has lost her family in Nazi Germany. She is sent to a foster family, where she makes an odd assortment of friends and steals an odd collection of books. Throughout this all, World War II is escalating and Liesel learns about the hardships taking place around her while coping with her own losses. 
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  • The Hunger Games

    by Suzanne Collins Year Published: 2008 Science Fiction
    Katniss Everdeen has spent the years since her father's death trying to take care of her mother and her sister in their home in District 12. Every year, the cruel government requires each of the districts to send one boy and one girl to compete in the Hunger Games. The winner of the Hunger Games earns food for his or her district; the losers of the Hunger Games die in battle within the arena. When Katniss' younger sister is chosen to compete, Katniss volunteers to take her place in the fight of her life, for her life.
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  • Unwind

    by Neal Shusterman Year Published: 2007
    This science fiction novel takes place in the future United States. A law has been passed, allowing families to have a child between the ages of 13-18 "unwound". When teens are unwound, their organs are harvested to be used to save other people. When Connor discovers that his parents are having him unwound due to recent trouble he has gotten into, he decides to try out and outrun his fate.  
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  • We Were Liars

    by E. Lockhart Year Published: 2014
    Cadence Sinclair has grown up spending summers on a privately owned family island. However, she suffers an accident during Summer Fifteen and can't make sense of her world since. Throughout the course of Summer Seventeen, Cadence pieces her memories back together bit by bit, discovering how her accident came to be and how things have changed since.
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  • Wonder

    by R.J. Palacio Year Published: 2012 Realistic Fiction
    August "Auggie" Pullman is a young man with a rare condition that led to facial deformities. Because of these deformities, Auggie is used to being stared at and teased, but that doesn't make it easy for him. After years of being home-schooled, August's parents decide he should try to go to school. As fifth grade begins, Auggie faces many conflicts, gets support from some unexpected classmates, and touches the lives of those around him.
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