• Schoolwide 
    Schools are successful when they help children grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  For this to happen, it is imperative that we have a safe environment that is supportive and conducive to growth.  By setting forth clear social and behavioral expectations and directly teaching students about those expectations, it is our goal to create this atmosphere for learning.

    Oak Ridge implements positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS).  PBIS is a way for schools to encourage good behavior. With PBIS, kids learn about behavior, just as they learn other subjects like math or science. The key to PBIS is prevention, not punishment.  With PBIS students discuss and practice appropriate behavior in many areas including, but not limited to: the classroom, hallway, lunchroom, bathroom, bus, and playground.  The key behaviors promoted are respect, safety, care, and being prepared and ready.  

    Specific to 4F

    In our classroom the expectations as well as specific rewards and consequences are clearly discussed and visible.  As a class these will regularly be discussed so students understand their responsibility and the teacher's role in maintaing a safe and positive learning environment. Students will sign a contract the first few days of school that outlines class expecations as well as the rewards and consequences.  

    See it here:  Student Expectations Contract