• Rules and Procedures
    Absences- If a child is absent, any paperwork that has been given during the day(s) of their absence will be kept in their student file at school.  Your child will bring their work home in their home folder on the day they return to school.  They have the number of days they were absent to return the work to me.  Ex.  If they were absent three days, they have an additional three school days to complete the work.  
    Trips to the Park- Our class will take periodic trips to the park as part of our classroom reward system for positive behavior.  If you do not wish for your child to participate, please send me a note, or email and I will keep them from this activity. 
    Birthdays-  District 117 will not permit children to bring any treats in for birthdays.  If you would like to send something with your child, they can bring non-perishable items such as:  pencils, erasers, and stickers.  There are approximately 30 students in our class.
    Sending Money-  If you are sending money to school any time throughout the year, please send the money in an envelope with the purpose, child's name, amount, and room number on the envelope  (3F, Room 35)
    Homework-  Homework will be given throughout the school year and should last no longer than 30 minutes a night.  As a math teacher, my primary concern is having students practice their fact fluency.  There are a variety of websites available that can make the task more interesting and fun if flashcards are not preferred.
    Updates-  Class updates will be sent using ClassTag.  If you have not signed up for the App, please let me know as soon as possible so we can set you up.
    Behavior- In my classroom, I put an emphasis on encouraging positive behavior to keep motivation and foster of a love of learning, while also maintaining respect for each other and myself.  Students will earn individual and team tickets that will be used for classroom raffles, various prizes, and special school events.   As a class, I will guide them and help them create a list of classroom rules.  Students will be taught that although we all make mistakes, there are consequences for making poor choices.  Consequences might include, a period of time out of our fun friday, a separate work area to keep students from talking, or if necessary a letter home to parents.  If there is a repeated behavior that we are unable to solve in the classroom, I will make a call home to see if we can get to the root of the problem and come up with a solution together.  
    Water Bottles and Bathroom Breaks-  There will be NO WATER BOTTLES ALLOWED in the classroom.  They can bring a water bottle for lunch and leave it in their book bag until lunch.  I've found that a water bottle on the students desk during the day, leads to larger amounts of bathroom breaks that take away from class time.  We've also experienced many water spills.  Students get bathroom breaks and are allowed to get water from the fountain after P.E.