•  I have always said if you don't like reading than you have not found the right book!   If you are having a hard time, ask yourself "What kind of movies do I like?"  Chances are the movies that you like will lead you to the books you like.  Use your resources: your teacher(s), the librarian, media aide, and FRIENDS!

     Write your comments about books you have read for your fellow classmates here!
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    Here are some sites where you can find book recommendations:

    Read Kiddo Read is a list of recommendations by James Patterson

    Good Reads
    Dystopian Recommendations
    Great Books for Teens
    More Dystopian YA Fiction
    Jennifer Government - Barry, M
    Fahrenheit 451 - Bradbury, R.
    Brave New Love:15
    Crossed - Condie, A.
    Matched - Condie, A.
    The Maze Runner- Dashner, J.
    Lord of the Flies  -Golding, W.
    Gone - Grant, M.
    Green Angel - Hoffman, A.
    A Wrinkle in Time - L'Engle, M.
    The Last Book in the Universe - Philbrick, R. 
    I am Number Four - Lore, P.
    Divergent - Roth V.
    Insurgent - Roth, V. 
    The Uglies -Westerfield, S.
    Feed - Anderson
    Graceling - Cashore
    Wither - DestefanD
    Little Brother - Doctorow
    The City of Ember - Dupra
    The House of the Scorpian - Farmer
    Among the Hidden  - Haddix
    The Addration of Jenna
    Unwind - Shusterman
    Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 - White 
    If you like Harry Potter:
    Peter and The Starcatchers - Barry
    How to Train Your Dragon - Cowell
    Artemis Fowl - Colfer
    Gregor the Overlander - Collins
    The Black Hills Divide - Carman
    Circle of Heroes - Epstein
    Dragonborn - Forward
    Reckless - Funke
    Inkheart - Funke 
    The Akhenaten Adventure - Kerr
    Ella Enchanted - Levine
    The Chronicles of Narnia - Lewis
    Wild Born - Mull
    Charlie Bone Series - Nimmo
    The Golden Compass - Pullman
    Keys to the Kingdom Series - Nix
    The Goldent Door - Rodda
    Magyk - Sage
    The Amulet of Samarkand - Stroud
    The Emerald Altlas - Stephens