• Classroom Management for Mrs. Cesak and Mrs. Rhodes



    Oak Ridge School has a set of school wide expectations.  The children are expected to follow these expectations inside and outside of the classroom.  The expectations are:

          Be safe

    Be respectful

    Be here and ready

    The children will be using ClassDojo to monitor their choices in the classroom.  Good choices will enable your child to earn points and poor choices will cause them to lose points.



    When individual students are setting wonderful examples inside and outside of the classroom, they will receive mustang money tickets.  After accumulating several tickets, the children can cash them in for rewards. The children can also earn monthly rewards for reaching a ClassDojo goal each month.  These monthly rewards are planned by the PBIS committee.  



    If your child doesn’t meet the weekly behavior percentage goal on ClassDojo, they will lose some time from our fun Friday activities and fill out a behavior note.  This will come home so you can see it and sign it. Children that have trouble following the expectations may receive behavior write ups. If they earn three behavior write ups in a quarter they will get a walking ticket.  


    Weekly Progress Reports

    We will keep you updated on your child’s progress through ClassDojo.  In the event that you don’t have internet access, we can print up a report each week by request.   


    Technology Use/Abuse

    We will be using Chromebooks regularly in the classroom.  We will spend time going over our computer expectations. In the event that your child fails to follow the computer expectations, they will lose ClassDojo points.  We will notify you if a serious problem occurs.