• The Diffendoer Depot: It's Fun on Wheels

    The ice cream truck isn't the only vehicle delivering treats to deserving young people. The Diffendoer Depot cart can now be spotted cruising the hallways of Team Diffendoer.

    The Diffendoer Depot arrives in students' homerooms once monthly. It houses an array of fabulous items ranging from candy to gift cards and pizza party coupons.

    Students can buy items at the depot with Diffendoer Dollars. This "cash" can be earned in content area classes when students make positive choices, demonstrate good citizenship, and act in an overall respectful manner.

    Prices range from $3 to $100, and students are encouraged to manage their funds responsibly, just as they would beyond the walls of Team Diffendoer.

    Students have shared much praise for the Diffendoer Depot. Comments range from, "Cool," to "Awesome," to "This is the greatest thing ever!"

    Stop and shop a while. We think you'll like what you see.