Students should complete the IAR practice packet for homework this week in place of the homework choice list. Pease let me know if you have questions.  
    If homework packets are not returned on Friday, students will miss time out of Fun Friday to work on it.  If I notice your child missing h.w. more than 1 week in a row, you will recieve a call/message from me alerting you.  
    Division strategies might look a little confusing to you and/or your child but should become more familiar as we explore them regularly in class.  We use a strategy we call "tower method" but it is also know as "partial product".  Here is a partial product or tower method video explaining it to help review with your child!
    Elapsed time on a number line:
    Here are some videos on how to calculate elapsed time problems on a number line:
          Andry's Science Project (Khan Academy)
    In addition to the packet, students should be practicing math facts daily at home for 10 minutes. Many students struggled with the first math facts test.  Please continue to work on facts at home. Below you will find printable flashcards that were studied and tested on throughout 3rd grade.  In 4th grade, all facts and operations will be mixed for assessments.  This means addition and subtraction facts must be reviewed as well!  
    Multiplication Facts                                                  Division Facts
    x4                                                                   ÷5
    x2                                                                   ÷10
    x5                                                                   ÷2
    x10                                                                 ÷4
    x8                                                                   ÷8
    x9                                                                   ÷9
    x6                                                                   ÷6                                       
    x3                                                                   ÷3 
    x7                                                                   ÷7