• 8th Grade Language Arts





    All grading is done on a point system. Each assignment will be worth points, and points will be subtracted from work turned in late. Grades will be based on homework, quizzes, projects and class participation. Students who are unable to complete assignments due to emergency situations will need to have a parent/guardian contact me for an extension to the due date. 




    I can be reached at school via the voicemail system, which is available at any time during the day. The number to reach me is (708) 233-4580. My school e-mail address is [email protected]. Information for every teacher is also available through the district web page.





    World Views - Essential Question: How does an emotional or physical journey impact an individual’s world views?




    Duality of Man-Essential Question: Authors throughout history have dealt with the concept of the duality of man. Why does our society feel drawn to characters who show this inner darkness in Gothic literature and media?




    Survival-Essential Question: How is the will to survive a basic human instinct?




    Freedom and Dreams-Essential Question: How does the idea of freedom as depicted through different texts reflect a common human desire?






    All units reflect the standards of the Common Core Initiative as adopted by District 117. Each Unit will use a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts to address and study the essential question. An emphasis on writing is a large part of the Common Core Curriculum. In addition, students will do a research activity for each unit. I have provided a very thorough unit overview for each quarter on my website.