• Discipline and Rewards

              Dorn uses the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support). The PBIS system rewards children for positive behavior such as helping a friend, cleaning up after him or herself, helping the teacher, and so on. As a class the children can earn eagle certificates. Five certificates will equal a class reward. Individually they can earn egg tickets. These are turned in as raffle tickets for small prizes. The school also has a monthly dance party. This is for students who have outstanding behavior at school. It takes place during the school day and they LOVE it! We all work together and everyone is expected to remember Dorn’s 3 rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Ready To Learn.

                                                                                       Classroom Rules

              Our class rules are more specific examples of the 3 Dorn rules. Our class rules are:

              Stay in your seat.

              Raise your hand.

              Follow directions.

              Be kind.


    We have a “stoplight” posted in our room. If a child follows the rules then he or she stays on green. If a child is not following a rule, he/she will receive a verbal warning. If the behavior continues after that the child’s name moves to yellow. If the behavior still continues, the child’s name moves to red and the parent will be notified. Behavior such as hitting will automatically cause the child’s name to be moved to red.  At the start of the next day everyone’s name returns to green.