• Steps 1 and 2 are required:
    Please note you will only get one book at a time to ensure each student has the best chance to get their first choice.
    Step 1:
    Destiny is where you will search the inventory of books offered and place your holds.
    Step 2:
    After you have placed books on hold, submit your choices into this Request Form.
    Once you have completed these two steps, Mrs. Halley will deliver a book to you!
    (Remote students will get an email with instructions on how/when to pickup their book)
    Optional step 3:
    When you finish your book simply email the media center to swap for a new book if you put more than one book on your list.
    Click log in at the upper right corner.
    Log in by clicking the 'sign in with google' button
    Google sign in
    Click Catalog
    Select Destiny Discover
     Enter Search Criteria
    Keyword: Type in a word such as 'wizard' and find stories that have a wizard.
    Title: Type in the title  (as above: must be exact title and spelled properly).
    Author: Type in your favorite author to find all the books in the media center written by that author.
    Subject: Type in a subject such as 'science' and find books that involve or are about science.
    Series: Type in 'Hunger Games' and it will list all the books in that series.
    Click to hold book
    You can place up to 10 books on hold. 
    When you have placed your books on hold, submit this request form so the books know where to find you!
    If you're not sure what book to search, you can always search Mrs. Hedlund and Mrs. Halley's collections