Extra Practice

    Note: Any links marked with an * may require Adobe Flash Player.   
    Online Practice/Games
    Quizlet: Choose the unit we're on, and then decide if you want to want to flip through flashcards (includes text-to-speech), go through the adapative learning cards (questions get easier or more challenging, depending on your performance), write the word that goes with each picture/clue, write the word that you hear, take a practice test, or play the MicroMatch or Gravity Games. * (refers to Gravity Game only)
    Conjuguemos (Vocabulary): Scroll down to "Avancemos 1," and then choose the appropriate unit. Click "Graded Practice" in order to race against the clock or take your time. You can even try the Tug-O-War, Splatman, Crossword, Memory Games, or the Wordsearches. 
    Conjuguemos (Verbs): Choose the appropriate unit. Then, decide if you want to set a time limit. Make sure you hit "enter" twice - once for "Am I correct?" and once for "Okay." Do not disable pop-ups. If you do, you will not be able to see your score. 
    Relevant Kahoot's and Quizizz's will be shared through email or Schoology before quiz/test dates.


    Online Programs/Games
    Duolingo: Check out this language learning website and app. You'll need an account, but it's free! *
    Wordplay: This is an online program that uses games to help you learn and remember Spanish words and phrases. You'll need an account if you want to track your progress, but it's free! *