Vocabulary Lists 


    Vocabulary Slides can be found on Schoology under Materials - Notes. 


    Note: When a word does not appear in one of these lists or in the Vocabulary PowerPoints, look it up on WordReference.


    List 1: Spanish alphabet (Avancemos - Preliminary Unit)


    List 2: Greetings, how are you's, emotions/feelings, introductions/origin, words like today, tomorrow, and week, words of courtesy, and weather (Avancemos - Preliminary Unit)


    List 3: Numbers through 10 (Avancemos - Preliminary Unit)


    List 4: Days of the Week (Avancemos - Preliminary Unit)


    List 5: Adjectives (personality traits/physical descriptions) and words used to identify people (Avancemos 1.2)


    List 6: Activities (likes/dislikes), snack foods and beverages, conjunctions such as and, but, & or, and prepositions such as before and after (Avancemos 1.1)


    List 7: Numbers through 100 (Avancemos 2.1)


    List 8: Time, school subjects, school activities, and words of frequency (Avancemos 2.1)


    List 9: School objects, school supplies, places in school, ways to describe classes, prepositions (words of location), and additional emotions/feelings (Avancemos 2.2) 


    List 10: Breakfast and lunch foods and beverages, ways to describe food, and interrogatives (question words) (Avancemos 3.1) 


    List 11: Months of the year and numbers in the 100s and 1000s (Avancemos 3.2) 


    List 12: Family, birthdays/dates, and comparisons (Avancemos 3.2)


    List 13: Clothing items, shopping words, colors, TENER expressions, seasons, and e to ie stem-changing verbs (Avancemos 4.1)


    List 14: Places in town, restaurant words, dinner foods, and o to ue stem-changing verbs (Avancemos 4.2)


    List 15: Rooms of the house, furniture, household items, and ordinal numbers (Avancemos 5.1)


    List 16: Chores, party planning, and more irregular verbs (Avancemos 5.2)