• Welcome to Conrady Varsity Singers



    In Varsity Singers:

    1. We respect each other.
    2. We are a team.
    3. We are committed.
    4. We create.
    5. We are focused.
    6. We have a positive attitude.
    7. We work hard.
    8. We never give less than our best.

    Rehearsal Expectations

    • Students will cooperate with the director and other choir members at all times.
    • Students are to bring their scores/binders to every rehearsal.
    • Students must ALWAYS have a pencil (never a pen!) to write in their music.
    • Students will demonstrate proper rehearsal etiquette.
    • While we all have different tastes, students are not allowed to complain about the music. There’s always a reason we’re singing what we’re singing!  A poor attitude could negatively influence another singer.
    • Ms. Malito has an open door policy with students – please feel free to come with any questions/concerns.
    • Students are responsible for their own binders and the music inside. If a student loses his/her original scores, he/she will be responsible for paying for the replacement score.
    • Do not use school instruments/equipment unless instructed by Ms. Malito.
    • Any discipline problems may result in termination from the group.
    • Students will be an ambassador of the choir, school, and community through behavior and attitude.

    Attendance Policies

    • Students are expected to be at each dress rehearsal and performance, with the exception of extreme situations.
    • Students are allowed up to two (2) unexcused absences per semester before they are asked to sit out of the winter or spring concert. This ensures all members know the music and are prepared to give the best performance possible.

    Concert Dress

    Concert attire for all formal performances:
    Women: Black choral dress (provided by Conrady), black tights/nylons, and dress shoes.
    Men: Black long-sleeved button down, black dress pants, black socks, black dress shoes.

    Concert attire for all other performances (festivals, sporting events, etc.)
    Women & Men: Conrady Varsity Singers t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers


    All students must have passing grades to participate in choir. If you are receiving a failing grade in any of your classes, you may not participate in choir until you have raised your grades to a D or above. Ineligibility is determined if you have 2 Ds or 1 F in your classes.


    Student Leadership Opportunities

     Choral Librarians:

    • Students interested in being choral librarians should contact Miss Malito. Duties include organizing and filing our scores and logging records in a spreadsheet database.

    Choral Officers:

    • Choral officers assist Ms. Malito with events and fundraisers. They also serve as liaisons between Ms. Malito and the ensemble.


    Parent Support Opportunities

    We are so grateful for the endless support of parent volunteers!  We are always in need of volunteers, from organizing fundraisers to helping measure for concert attire.  Please email Ms. Malito if you’d like to help in any way! 


    Vocal Music/Drama Teacher
    [email protected]