• ASSETS teachers plan and execute well balanced literacy lessons designed to meet students at their instructional levels. We are fortunate enough to have a wealth of leveled materials, as well as several sets of high-interest books. Teachers also have licenses to print leveled materials from several sites online. Please ask your child about the book(s) they are reading in ASSETS!
    Teachers spend the bulk of their time on reading comprehension and responding to reading in writing, working with small groups of students with text that is at their instructional level and a bit higher to encourage growth.  Teachers model reading strategies, skills, and fluency, teach Common Core literature standards, build student vocabulary, expose students to different genres, revisit and reread texts for deeper understanding, and provide support in reading of instructional level text.
    Teachers spend additional time each day working on fluency to increase rate of reading, accuracy, prosody, and comprehension.  This is done through activities such as Reader's Theater and the use of fluency poems.  Monthly assessments are given to all students to assess their growth in both reading comprehension and fluency.