• The Glen Oaks Media Center is open during school hours.  Classroom visits are scheduled for one 42 minute period per week. 

    Book Check Out
    Second-Fourth grade students may check out two (2) books per week. 5th grade students may check out more books.  Please check out the amount of books you can care for! Our loan period is 10 school days.  We encourage students to bring their books to library every week. They have the choice of returning their books if they have finished reading them, or keeping them for one more week.  We have Open Library hours daily for students who are more voracious readers! 

    Overdue/Lost/Damaged Book Fines
    We no longer charge overdue fines, however, when a book is three (3) weeks overdue it will be marked lost and the student will be billed a replacement cost: $5 for a paperback, $10 for a hardcover. Students with fines may check out one additional library book.   

    Food or Liquid Damage
    Students who return books with food damage will be asked to pay for that book and a new one will be ordered.   Books returned with water damage will be monitored for mold growth. If there is no mold growth, students will not be charged for the book but a courtesy phone call home will be made to alert parents to the water damage.  If the book shows mold growth, students will be billed for a replacement ($5 for a paperback, $10 for a hardcover) Once paid, students will receive the damaged book to take home and dispose of. Please keep books away from food and drinks.  Many students carry water bottles in their backpacks, please consider placing the books OR the water/food in a re-sealable bag to prevent water damage.

    We ask that students take responsibility for their library books and keep them from being ripped, chewed, colored on or inked.  


    Sansa player/Audio books/Playaways
    We have an extensive audio book collection available to third, fourth and fifth grade students.  We circulate Sansa mp3 players with a book of the student's choice loaded onto the player.  Students check these out for five (5) school days.  One week past the due date, the Sansa player will be marked lost and the student will be billed a $25 replacement fee. 

    Please contact the Media Center if you have any questions or concerns.
    Thank you, 
    Mrs Pulgar