What is my child working on in speech?

  • When your child comes to speech, they will be practicing to improve either their articulation, language, fluency, and/or social pragmatics.  Descriptions of these domains are listed below:

    Articulation- Speech sound production.  Students work to improve specific sounds they are having difficulty producing.

    Language- The verbal and non verbal understanding of the structures of communication.  Students work primarily on improving receptive ( what they understand) and expressive (what they can verbally present) language abilities to help them succeed in the classroom.


    Fluency- The movement of articulators when producing sounds, syllables, and words.  Students who struggle with obtaining fluent speech work on improving the smoothness and fluency of their speech.


    Social pragmatics-  The use of verbal and nonverbal language in regards to social communication.  Students may exhibit difficulty with body language, eye contact, tone of voice, initiating conversations, and maintaining conversations.  Students who struggle with social pragmatics work on improving their ability to create and maintain successful adult and peer relationships.