Week 1 words: am, can, had, and, at
    Word families study: short a words 
    Week 2 words: big, will, did, is, in 
    Word families: short i
    Week 3 Words: not, on, the, have, give
    Word families short o
    Week 4: jump, up, fun, us, me
    Word families: short u
    Week 5: went, best, get, them, tell
    Word families: short e
    Week 6:you, has, of, kick, but
         Review all of the short vowel patterns:  see weeks 1-5
    Week 7: thing, want, it, all, him
         Review of all the short vowel patterns: see weeks 1-5
    Second quarter:
    Week 8: because, for, he, to,
    and s blend words such as: skip, snack, stomp, spell, swim
    Week 9: was, how, said, here, 
    and l blend words such as block, flag, clip, sled, glass, plug
    Week 10: friend, from, pretty, are
    and r blend words such as drop, grass, fresh, press, trick, crab, bring