• Hello!! My name is Laura Montiel. This is my 4th year at the North Palos School District 117 as a School Social Worker. I worked at Oak Ridge Elementary School for the first half of this school year and started a new adventure at Conrady Junior High for the restof the year. I am extremely excited to join the higher grades in my district, especially, because I have the opportunity to see the students I worked with last year school year. 

    I am a graduate from the Jane Addams College of Social Work at UIC. Currently, I am enrolled at Loyola University pursuing further education in the School Mental Health Advance Practice Program. I will finish my courses in May 2020. My passion has always been to help people and I found my why when I worked as a school secretary for an inner city high school. I saw how wonderful students are but sometimes life circumstances lead them to make the wrong decisions. My goal is to help all students feel included, heard and taught how to be successful in school. I strongly believe that school is the first step to change the lives and futures of our children. 

    I am at Conrady serving as part of the team to help all of our school population. If you are in need of resources, or any help please feel free to reach out to me via phone call or email and I will be happy to help. 


    Here's to an AWESOME school year!! Cheers!!