• Classroom Rules 
    Together, our class will establish consistent routines and expectations that the children will abide by. In teaching students appropriate behavior for school, we will explore the concepts of respecting themselves, others, and their surroundings. I personally believe it is essential to reward children for demonstrating this behavior with specific verbal praise. In the instance of a child displaying undesirable behavior, I will immediately discuss why the behavior is inappropriate with the child and redirect him/her to a more acceptable behavior. 
    Overall, our school uses Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS), which utilizes three rules to encourage said behavior. Within the first week of school, we will complete an activity to introduce these classroom rules (listed below) and continually work on following them.
    The rules are:
    Be Safe!
       Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
       Use walking feet.

    Be Respectful!
       Use your quiet (inside) voice.
       Use listening ears.
       Raise your hand.
       Use kind words with your friends and teachers.
    Be Ready to Learn!