• Classroom and School Rules

    We will be focusing on respect in our class: respect for ourselves, respect for others and respect for school property.  In order to help the students make these good choices, we will be using the Oak Ridge Mustangs school rules.  These rules are:

    Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Respectful and Be Here and Ready

    To encourage the students to make good choices, I will be using a lot of positive reinforcement and student praise for those who are demonstrating appropriate behavior. Please encourage your child to follow these rules at home as well. By working together, we can help your child succeed!         

    In addition to following the school rules, I will be tracking students’ behavior with a Clip Chart system that is located in the classroom.  There are seven (7) levels on the clip system.  Each day, students will start on Ready to Learn (green).  A student exhibiting good behavior will progressively move up levels/colors, Good Job (blue), Great Choices (purple), until they reach the top, which is Outstanding (pink). When a student reaches outstanding, he/she will receive a jewel/sticker to put on his/her clip, as well as be able to pick a prize from the classroom Treasure Box.  When the clip is completely filled, the student will get to move their clip to the “Hall of Fame”.  

    If a student is behaving inappropriately, his/her clip will be moved down to Slow Down (yellow), followed by Stop and Think (orange) and then to Home Contact (red).  Should a student reach the red level, a parent contact through phone call or note home will be made, along with a walking ticket.

    Students will also have the opportunity to earn Mustang Money for modeling good behavior both in and outside of our classroom.


    Classroom Procedures


    2.   Follow directions the first time they are given

    3.   Raise your hand to talk.

    4.   Listen to others when they speak.

    5.   Keep your hands and feet to yourself.