• Classroom Expectations


    1.Be Respectful
    2.Be Responsible
    3.Be Ready To Learn
    4.Allow Others To Learn

    Effective learning will take place when students follow these classroom expectations. This past week, the students and I covered together what each of these expectations entails.  It is essential to have the best possible learning environment and to encourage the students to work to their full potential.  Every child has a right to learn in a conducive environment. 



    Our classroom promotes and encourages positive reinforcement. Students have several opportunities to earn rewards based on their positive behavior while following classroom expectations and procedures. Examples of positive reinforcement include "Warm Fuzzies" for classroom privileges. 



    Students that choose to make a poor choice will follow the classroom consequences:


    In the event that your child chooses not to follow classroom or school expectations and/or procedures, he/she will take responsibility for his/her choices by signing his/her name on the “My Choice Notebook" that will assist with docking down their Dojo points in the event instruction is taking place.



    If your child loses a total of four Dojo points/signed the notebook four times in one day, his/her parents/guardians will be contacted and a consequence will follow along with Oak Ridge's PBIS.  Also, the deduction of Dojo Points will reduce class privileges. 



    A reflection paper may be given by the classroom teacher due to possible continuous nonverbal and verbal warnings given to your child, which may not have been documented on the “My Choice Notebook” and transfered to the Dojo point system for various reasons. This reflection may also be warranted if their behavior calls for immediate reflection due to a severe poor choice. 



    A "Choice Reflection Assignment” will be assigned for homework. Your child will reflect upon the choices that he/she made at school that day.  The sentences, will be due the next school day with a parent/guardian signature.