• Homework Guidelines: 
    Homework is an integral part of a student’s development as a learner. Your child may have up to 20 minutes of homework on each school night. My expectations for the students are to complete his/her homework independently. If they are spending more than 20 minutes on their homework, your child should stop and put a question mark next to the problem.


    If the time spent on homework is routinely exceeding this range, then contact with the teacher should be made to discuss and evaluate strategies used in doing homework (both in school and at home). Please make a note at the top of your child’s homework the amount of time it is taking your child to complete his/her homework. This allows me to become aware of the circumstance. 


    We go over and clarify homework during class daily. The question marks and incorrect answers help the teacher assess if a concept that was taught is not being understood by students. For example, I may notice that students placed a question mark/got the same problem wrong. I will review this skill in class if needed, or go more in depth with that question. Homework helps the students strengthen their skills and allows me to see what the students need further work in. Homework is also used for enrichment purposes.