• Mrs. Dignin

    8th Grade ELA Syllabus

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    Course Objectives:

    Welcome to Mrs. Dignin’s 8th grade  ELA classroom.  Throughout the year we will be building upon the foundation set in 6th and 7th grades and expand upon that knowledge while we examine different genres, text structures, grammar, vocabulary, and writing.  This course follows the Common Core Reading and Writing Standards for the 8th grade.

    We will be studying four units of study this year and exploring several texts to help us answer an essential question for each of the units:

    • Quarter 1: Journeys-How does an emotional or physical journey impact an individual’s worldviews?  

    • Quarter 2: Duality of Man-Authors throughout history have dealt with the duality of man.  Within all people there lies a darker side.  Why does society feel drawn to characters who show this inner darkness in Gothic literature and media?

    • Quarter 3: Survival-How is the will to survive a basic human instinct, as depicted in the texts?

    • Quarter 4: Freedom and Dreams-How does the idea of freedom, as depicted  through different texts, reflect a common human desire?

    Homework Policy

    Students are responsible to complete all homework, projects, and writing assignments on time.  Students also need to read 20 minutes a night.  Deductions will be made for all late work and this will lower the student’s course grade. Parents can monitor all assignments on Schoology.  

    Grading Policy

    15% - Vocabulary

    20% - Writing Assignments

    25% - Reading Activities   

    40% - Assessments

    Materials Needed

    • One three ring binder with 5 tabs

    • Pens, pencils, highlighters

    • Composition of spiral notebook

    • Loose leaf paper

    • Box of kleenex

    • Charged Chromebook

    • Earbuds

    Classroom Rules

    • Follow all handbook rules

    • Bring your own supplies

    • Complete all assignments on time

    • Listen when others are talking

    • Be kind and courteous to your teacher and classmates

    Classroom Expectations:  As a junior high student, you are responsible for your own behavior (good or bad), attitude (positive or negative), and work (complete or incomplete).  I will be enforcing all school policies.  Please refer to your handbook for the school’s expectations and policies.

    Classroom Consequences

    •  Verbal Warning

    •  Move Seat

    •  call home

    •  Write up

    • Schedule a conference with Parents and Dean