A Typical Lesson in our Room
    When your child comes to Reading Enrichment, they will be instructed in a smaller group setting with a text at their instructional reading level.  We will focus on the five important components of reading, which are, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.  We will also be helping students review and practice their sight words.
    Below is an example of a typical guided reading lesson:
    Before Reading (2-5 minutes)                           
    State focus and purpose
    Intro to words/word patterns
    Reading Strategy
    Book Introduction
    Sight word Review  
    During Reading (10-15 minutes)  
    Students echo, choral or independently read
    Teacher coaching
    Teacher listens in
    Teacher observes and takes notes of reading behaviors  
    After Reading (2-5 minutes) 
    Revisit unknown words
    Check student understanding
    Comprehension (text recall)
    Highlight student's reading strategies
    Revisit lesson focus