• Fountas and Pinnell

    Students in Reading Enrichment are assessed once a month using the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System. For this assessment, students read a fiction or nonfiction story and then answer questions about the story. I complete a running record of their word accuracy and score their comprehension. From this information, I determine their instructional reading level (the level books they can read with support and guidance from an adult). Students are then grouped according to this reading level in order to best focus on their needs.
    The following shows what reading level your child should  at least be reading at in First Grade according to our District's expectations:

    August/September = Level D/E

    October = Level E

    November = Level F

    December = Level G

    January/February = Level H

    March/April = Level I

    May/June = Level J

    The following link takes you to a chart showing what level your child should be reading at each month in Kindergarten – Eighth Grade: