•  Fun Day/Nights occur once a month at either Dorn or Sorrick Schools.  Occasionally we use one school for a large gathering of both schools.  During Fun Nights, we ask that you do not bring siblings.  Fun Day/Nights are intended for Parent(s) and Pre-K child ONLY.  Consider this time well spent with just your child and yourself!  Due to limited time and space, siblings are not allowed.
    Please watch this page for any updates and flyers.
    Dates for 2019-2019 Fun Day/Nights are as follows:
    **October 26 - meet at Little Red Schoolhouse 9:30 am  (ONE TIME ONLY - SIBLINGS ALLOWED)**
    November 6 - Sorrick APR 530-630 (combined Sorrick & Dorn)
    December 5- Sorrick APR 530-630 pm
    January 8 - Dorn APR 530-630 pm (combined Sorrick & Dorn)
    February 5 - Sorrick APR 6-7 pm
    March 4 - Sorrick APR 530-630 pm (combined Sorrick & Dorn)
    April 2 - Sorrick APR 530-630 pm
    **Our third year of an off-site Fun Day that will take place at The Little Red Schoolhouse on Saturday, October 26th.  9:30-10:30 a.m. for this time ONLY - we are allowing siblings due to this being an open public space with lots of room for families.  Any handouts, however, will be for Pre-K students only.  
    December 2019