Classroom Expectations

  • To Be Safe                                                                           To Be Caring


    • Stay in your seat                                                                 1. Say kind words
    • Always walk                                                                        2. Be polite and helpful
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself



    To Be Respectful                                                               To Be Here and Ready


    • Work Silently                                                                          1. Arrive to school on time
    • Raise your hand to speak                                                  2. Have your homework
    • Wait to be called on                                                            3. Do your best
    • Follow all directions




     1st – Warning

    2nd – Conference with teacher

    3rd- Contact parents


    PBIS – This is the school wide program that stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies. Students are rewarded for their good behavior with tickets that they can turn in for rewards. The 4 school (and classroom) expectations are: Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Respectful, and Be Here and Ready.


     Mustang Money – Students will receive tickets throughout the year for demonstrating respectful behavior. 


     PBIS monthly prizes (VIP)-  Students will excellent behavior and completed work will be entered into a raffle for monthly prizes.

     Major issues- will be sent to the office/principal.

    Minor issues- Incident slips/walking tickets and no fun Friday


    Have an open mind, be kind, and always do your best. 


    1.  Morning Routine

    We will have a procedure for beginning our day together:

    • First, put your backpack and jacket and personal belongings away.
    • Do your morning job.
    • Lunch/Attendance
    • Turn in homework/teacher checks assignment note book/reading log for signature of parent.
    • Get prepared at your desk for curriculum.


    3.  Classroom Website

    Google Classroom Page- Please check this weekly for assignments and classroom news. 

    4.  Absent From Class

    Please plan on being on time and ready for class each day.  If you are absent, you will have an opportunity to make up the work.  Each student will be given their work when they return to class.

    5. Class rewards

    If the class earns enough points, there will be a class party on a selected Friday.  

    6.  Student Planner

    Please bring your planner to school each day.  Part of your morning routine/end of day routine will be to fill out the daily assignment schedule.  At the end of the day, you will put a line through all of the assignments you have completed.  You will put an HW next to assignments that need to be completed as homework.

    7.  Reading

    30 minutes of reading are required each night.  5 of those minutes are to be read aloud. 



    8.  Water Bottles/Snacks.

    Students are allowed to keep water bottles at their desks.  For days we have P.E. and warmer days in spring and summer, I encourage them to do so. 

    9.  Birthdays.

    This year in district 117 no food will be allowed for Birthdays.  Students may, if they choose, bring in non-food items.