Help manage anxiety/stress in your child


    Many students may experience some type of anxiety or stress related to this testing or other events in school.  Below you will find some strategies to use as well as links with helpful information and apps to help students feel good and be successful not only on tests but in life!

    The Power of Positive Self Talk

    Did you know that children do better when they believe in their abilities?  Negative statements, like “this is too hard,” or “I am going to fail,” can actually hinder their performance. Negative statements focus the brain on stress or anxious emotions and make it harder to think logically. Make sure your child has some prepared positive self-talk statements that they can tell themselves prior to taking the test.  Some suggestions are “on the test, I will try my best,” or “I can do this, even if some of it seems hard.”  Create a positive statement with your child so their brain is at their best.