• Instructional Math Syllabus

    Grade 6


    Teacher: Mrs. Katie Mathis – Room 28B


    Contact Information:

    • Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns you may have, I will respond at my earliest possible convenience. E-mail tends to be the fastest way for me to reach and/or reply to parents.


    Program Goals:

    • Improve basic math concepts and skills

    • Improve understanding of math vocabulary

    • Target priority grade-appropriate math skills providing additional and varied practice opportunities

    • Improve math accuracy and fluency

    • Student growth on district MAP and state PARCC tests

    • Progress/Achievement individual student goals and objectives


    Student Evaluation:

    • Unit Quizzes and Assessments

    • Classwork: target skills items/concepts

    • Class participation and effort

    • Work completion rate


    Materials Needed:

    • Pencil (work is only to be done in pencil)

    • Chromebook

    • If anything else is needed for class, I will tell students the day before they need to bring it to class. In general, everything we need for class is in our classroom.


    Class Expectations:

    • Respect yourself, others, space, and property

    • Be on time and prepared

    • Persevere! Keep working, keep trying, ask/help others - keep trying!