• In Room 2 this year, we will be focusing on the word, respect, and applying it to all areas of our classroom.  The word respect will be applied to : respect for the teachers, respecting each other, and respecting the materials in the classroom.  We will be learning about how being respectful is something that needs to be done at school, at home, with adults, and with peers.  I will be encouraging the students to make good choices, and praising them verbally when they do make good choices.  In addition to respecting one another, we will be following Dorn School's rules as well.  These rules are: Be Safe! Be Respectful! Be Ready to Learn! What are examples of ways these rules look in the classroom?

    1) Be Safe! 

    --Using walking feet

    --Keeping your hands and feet to yourself (no hitting or pushing)

    2) Be Respectful!

    --Eyes are looking at the teacher

    --Ears are listening

    --Mouth is using a quiet, inside voice

    --Using nice words when talking to the teacher, or another student

    3) Be Ready to Learn!

    --Coming to school on time

    --Putting your book bag away

    --Cleaning up your mess when it is time to clean up